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Hi, thanks for coming. My name is Jakub. I work as mobile web / JavaScript developer for Amadeus (in Sophia Antipolis, France).

My stuff

Using GitHub 24/7?

Check out the GitHub Code Review Assistant extension!

Personalized web browsing rocks. You may see and install a few other of my userscripts here.
If you like them, consider giving a review on userscripts.org or starring on GitHub.
All suggestions are welcome via GH issues.

JS dev but "userscript" doesn't ring a bell?

Check out my presentation about userscripts.

Debugging third-party JS on virtual machines?

Configure Fiddler as a remote proxy to:

  • locally edit remote files for debugging purposes,
  • redirect dependencies to other versions to test for regressions,
  • maintain just one central configuration.

JavaScript & accessibility


Others' stuff

Great dev articles I've found over the net

JavaScript (beginner / intermediate)





Books I recommend



Cheat-sheets, compat tables, documentation

Cross-browser JavaScript / CSS / HTML

Great whole large sites

Cross-browser JavaScript / CSS

Other awesome articles & pages (not strictly dev)

€1M advice aka smile through the tears: Do not hire morons who make low contrast sites and send my password in plaintext and write code like this cause they've learnt programming in 21 days.